#10 for the sentence prompts. (also – if you’re taking hiatus from Ao3, will you continue to post stories on here or is it a hiatus from writing in general?)

Basically, Ao3 is the main place I post my writing. The problem is, I take it chapter by chapter rather than finishing a story before thinking about posting, and it turns out I’m a rather busy person. This means that my updates on Ao3 are usually really slow and irregular. I once went over a year between updates! I want to break out of this, and the only way I know how is to take a break from posting there until I have my shit together on that.

The Ao3 hiatus will officially start after the stories I currently have going are done.

I’ll still be writing, also revising some of my older stories, giving updates if you guys are interested.

The good news is, with this blog I can keep my followers updated on how writing’s going, and I can have fun with and glean inspiration from my followers. I am open to posting short stories and fun little things that deviate from the canon of my series here. (I actually have a really angsty Zepheera-Vision queued up that was so long I had to split it up into four parts! Gonna hold off on that until a few more fluffy ones are established…)

Hope that clears that up for you! Anyways, here’s your filled prompt!

Every part of Zepheera ached. Her whole body tingled with pins and needles, her head was pulsing, and when she opened her eyes her vision was blurred. That was no doubt from the flash of bright light she remembered experiencing before blacking out. Squeezing her eyes shut in attempt to banish the colorless blob in the way of her sight, she rolled over onto her back with a hiss of discomfort. Pins and needles…

Zepheera, her own voice sounded so distant in her mind. She ignored it, concentrating instead on the feeling slowly returning in her fingertips.

A small clatter from the floor behind her caught her attention, but her headache prevented her from looking. “Zepheera,” her voice called again.

She groaned, then stopped halfway through the action. That groan…didn’t sound like her own. It was deeper than she was used to, more guttural. Her hand went automatically to her throat, where she felt more than just a strange lump where before there was none. She felt a speeding and irregular pulse through the more-weathered-than-usual skin.

Gasping sharply, she bolted upright, immediately bonking her head with a yelp of surprise that wasn’t hers.

“Oi, careful! Easy on the goods there, luv!”

She turned her head toward the shrill voice a little too fast, dizziness causing the floor to approach rapidly; she just barely caught herself with a tingling forearm. Now her eyes were wide, adjusting much too slowly for her liking as she looked around for the speaker. Shapes and colors were much more clear to her now, but details were lacking and nothing seemed familiar.

“That’s it. We just all need to keep a calm head about this, okay?”

That’s when it hit her. She shifted her gaze down toward the floor and paled at the sight of herself. Like looking into a mirror, but the reflection was far too small. Everything snapped into focus in that instant, revealing details in this tiny double that looked odd on herself. Her arms were raised placatingly, brow pinched with a slight raise in the left one, mouth animatedly open as her chest heaved with unusually high breaths.

“Zepheera…” her tiny double’s tone was warning, in anticipation of some kind of negative reaction.

Suddenly it sank in. Only one person talked to her like that, and it certainly wasn’t herself.

Zepheera’s eyes darted to the hand she now owned, so much larger than the small figure before her. It was a hand she knew all too well, and as her panic rose it became impossible to ignore the thundering beat on the right side of her chest that echoed the left.

She shot to her feet in a complete knee-jerk reaction, but this only made matters worse. Now she was faced with the stark height difference between her proper body–all four and a half inches of it–and all seventy-three inches of her current body. She staggered backward, staring down at the frighteningly familiar blue suit she now wore, and tripping on converse-clad feet in her haste. She crashed roughly against the floor.

A grunt of effort rang out and she turned to look. Not six inches away from her right foot, her old body’s legs were dangling through the grate of the catwalk, a clear result of having fallen over thanks to the impact of the body Zepheera currently inhabited. She balked, aghast at how much weight she was responsible for now, and how easily influenced the small body that now housed the Doctor’s consciousness–a mind-blowing concept in itself–really was.

The Doctor quickly hauled himself out of the gap and started carefully toward Zepheera, intent on comforting her, reassuring her. She backed away from his approach.

“Go away!” she shouted in the Doctor’s voice, cringing when she saw her body wince at the volume. Her back met the cool metal of the railing around the console, and she curled herself into the tightest ball the Doctor’s body would allow. When she spoke again, it was practically in a whisper. “I’m too big. I might hurt you.”

Thanks for the prompt @elitefourstevonnie!


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