Inktober 2018 Day 2

2. Protect


The entire bridge shook like it belonged in a
snow globe. Few people maintained their footing as something collided with the
ship and sent it plummeting toward the planet below. The Doctor was not one of
those people.

Sprawled across the trembling floor, he took a
split second to take stock. Though he’d landed hard, he hadn’t sustained any
notable physical injuries.

That wasn’t his main concern.


His four inch tall companion, who was perched
on his shoulder before the crash, had been thrown several feet away in the
impact. What was worse, the deepening angle of the falling ship created a slope
that dragged her woefully light body along the smooth floor.

“Zepheera!” Lunging forward, the
Doctor threw his hand out, stretching himself across the floor to close the

His hand curled protectively as Zepheera slid
into it. Immediately he felt her give him her miniscule weight, the fluttering
of her tiny hands searching for purchase.

The ship lurched again, sending more people
tumbling. The Doctor’s other hand cupped around the first, and right then the
metal of the ceiling groaned.

The Doctor folded himself over his hands to
shield Zepheera as the ceiling came crashing down.

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“And anyways, I was right!” he asserted. “Here you are, flying around in one piece, not even a nibble off you! Absolute sweetheart, she was, just a bit…hyper and distracted, that’s all. Knew you could handle ‘er just fine, no need to get your wings in a twist.”

“Wings in a- Pray to a rock!” Bowman blurted, irate in spite of how well the situation had gone.

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

The Doctor simply smiled at her. “It’s alright,” he said softly, a phrase the creature was quickly becoming familiar with. With slow, careful movements, he approached her with a gentle hand extended for her to sniff. Neither his scent or his demeanor raised any major red flags for the creature, so she relaxed a hair. That was all the Doctor needed.

“I’m the Doctor,” he introduced himself, looking the dragon straight in the eye. “And I’m gonna take you home.”

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

Bowman’s eyes widened and he actually took his eyes off the creature to twist around and look the Doctor in the face. “You’re not serious,” he blurted, almost demanded to be true. But there wasn’t a sign of a joke in the Doctor’s expression, and Bowman threw him a look that said if things weren’t so dire, he’d be bopping him right on the forehead that second.

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“Oh, I don’t think you’d be too shabby,” she put in encouragingly. “Even with your wings, there’s loads of places you could–”

A SLAM cut her sentence short and caused Bowman’s wings to flare out entirely as the Doctor burst back into the TARDIS, followed by him rushing around the console flipping switches and throwing levers on the way.

“Fell through the rift again,” he explained shortly, teeth clenched in concentration as he worked the controls. “Came pretty close this time, though! I think we can beat that time! Hang on to something, you two! Allons-y!” Bowman stared at him in confusion and shock.

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“So you … do you live in here? Or is it just more like a … a car? I’ve heard of those.”

Zepheera looked up at Bowman and decided that this was a rather troublesome angle for conversation. She glanced around, finding a length of hose that connected the console to the ceiling somewhere. It ran right up the side of the monitor, and the ridges all along it would make scaling it a breeze. She strode over and answered Bowman as she climbed.

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“Guess I made your human mad,” he quipped, frustration still lacing his voice. It wasn’t for her or for anyone; Bowman’s frustration was a shield for himself to hide his fear and confusion.

“Ah, don’t worry about him,” Zepheera shrugged. “He’ll get over himself in no time. Deep down he’s just a grumpy old man, all bark and no bite. At least, as far as we’re concerned.”

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Prompt: Children are the Future


BTaS Canon – ???

Based on the prompts Glance from this list of 100 one-word prompts, and Dollhouse from this similar list of G/t themed prompts from @nightmares06 and @bee-wrecker respectively. Finally getting around to these!

It had been going so well for Zepheera.

There were only two humans in the small flat, one of them a child. For six months, Zepheera had been living comfortably in their walls, and for nearly seventy years of fighting to survive, she trusted herself to keep hidden and make this home last for once.

And all it had taken was a glance from the child to ruin it all.

Desperate for any kind of barrier between herself and the human, she ducked into the child’s dollhouse. Any human was bad news for a borrower like Zepheera, but children were frightfully unpredictable and prone to grabbing and playing. At 68 years old, even with the body of a young adult, Zepheera was not in the mood for any of that nonsense.

The ground trembled beneath Zepheera as the child approached. Even a little girl, nine years old and much smaller than any adult human, greatly outsized the four and a half inch tall woman cornered in the dollhouse. As the child drew closer, Zepheera could clearly hear each and every breath rushing in and out of lungs larger than the room the borrower had made her prison.


The little girl’s voice was mercifully light, a quiet rumble that washed over Zepheera through the plastic wall her back was pressed against. A wide blue eye peered in through one window, causing the borrower to jump and dart into the next room. Her eyes flashed frantically around for an exit, regretting her choice of hiding place, especially as the girl shifted outside.

With a loud click and a rush of air, half the dollhouse swung open. Zepheera was left exposed, blinking through the sudden light up at a gigantic child.

The human’s head tilted, brow pinched as she sat back on her heels. “Did I scare ya?” she inquired.

Zepheera frowned, realizing that it wasn’t curiosity that made the girl pursue her anymore, but concern. Those blue eyes, each the size of Zepheera’s head, were filled with it.

Bemused, Zepheera shook her head no.

The blonde girl’s shoulders slumped in relief. “Good. Why’dja run away, then, if you weren’t scared? How come you’re so small? What’s your name? I’m Rose!”

Zepheera’s brow lifted at the bombardment of curious questions. Maybe, if she played her cards right, she wouldn’t have to move out just yet.

“I ran because I was nervous,” said Zepheera, peeling herself from the wall sheepishly. “It’s my first day, you see, being an imaginary friend. I’m Zepheera.”

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Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“So close!” he groused as he turned to jog back to the TARDIS. They had a lock on the signal, so finding it again would be easy. But that was the last thing on Zepheera’s mind.

“Doctor?” she piped up, making an effort to keep her voice steady in spite of the worry coursing through her entire being.

“There’s something I should tell you…”