17 sounds fun

Indeed it does. 

The TARDIS door creaked as the Doctor stepped out cautiously.

“Here we are. Tertas, circa five-thousand-ish. And it’s springtime! Love a good ol’ Tertatian spring! What do you think?” He turned to his companion Zepheera as she shifted on his shoulder, admiring the surroundings.

The borrower gaped at the bright green sky, streaked with mauve clouds that moved sluggishly in the light breeze. “I think it’s gorgeous,” she answered, a grin to match the Doctor’s plastered to her face.

“This’ll be an experience,” the Doctor mused as he closed the blue box behind them and sauntered off at a steady pace up a hill. “For once, you’ll be the one that fits in better than I do.”

Zepheera frowned, but knew better than to ask what he meant. Knowing him, either she’d never know the answer or she’d know in a matter of seconds.

This time, he went with the latter.

Once at the top of the hill, a tiny town could be seen in the valley below. Quite literally, a town small enough to perfectly fit hundreds of people Zepheera’s size. Her breath caught at the sight.

To her shock, the Doctor strode right in. Apparently he’d visited before, and the townspeople were rather amiable toward him. Knowing the Doctor, he’d probably saved them from utter destruction.

“Doctor!” someone called down by the Time Lord’s feet. The Doctor smiled widely when he looked down.

“Matzy!” he greeted, crouching slowly in the courtyard he’d found himself in. Zepheera peered down from her perch to see a middle-aged Tertatian man, who looked rather like a borrower if not for the purple-ish tint to his skin. “It’s been a dog’s age, how’ve you been mate? How’s the farm?”

“Going strong, thanks to you! How’s that Martha of yours getting on?”

Oh, she’s fine, found her own way.” the Doctor practically waved off the question. “I actually want you to meet somebody. This is Zepheera. She travels with me now.” He lifted a hand to act as a ferry between his shoulder and the cobbled street, one which Zepheera eagerly took.

“Lovely to meet you!” she beamed.

“Likewise.” The Tertatian offered a hand for Zepheera to shake. “The name’s Matz, no matter what he says,” he said, cutting his eyes at the Doctor.

“That’s how I remember you!” teased the Doctor. “It’s what you went by when we met.”

“I was ten years old.” Matz laughed anyway, then turned to Zepheera once more. “Would you like to come in for tea? I’ve just put the kettle on, and I can tell you all about the Doctor’s last visit here. I assume he hasn’t told you already.”

“Only because you tell it better, Matzy ol’ pal.” The Doctor reached down and ruffled the grown man’s graying hair.

“Tea would be great, thanks!” Excited beyond belief to learn firsthand about an alien race the same size as her, Zepheera hurried into the man’s humble house. 

Matz started to follow her before glancing back at the Doctor. “I would invite you in, but you won’t fit in the house.“ 

“No worries,” said the Doctor with a grin. He stood with the intention of exploring the town further. It had expanded quite a lot since he’d last visited, and he was sure to encounter some new faces along the way.

…wow, that ended up long. Hope you liked it though ^-^


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