Zepheera-Vision — I Was Lonely


The borrower in question shot the Doctor a look before ignoring him, carrying on twisting a few pieces of string into a stronger rope.

“Zepheera…” he tried again, licking his lips as though in preparation. “…I need to get up.” Despite himself, a twinge of mirth tugged at his lips.

“Funny, that,” scoffed Zepheera as she looked up from her work. “That’s not what you said two hours ago.”

“But I have to–”

“‘Zepheera, I’m bored. Sit with me, Zepheera. Keep me company.’”

The Doctor sighed, an action that blew the borrower’s already messy bob about. “I know, I know. But I’ve got to check on the experiment, it should be ready by now.”

Zepheera threw up the hand that wasn’t keeping her progress on the rope in place. “Just saying. It’s your own fault for scooping me up and putting me on the pillow on top of you.”

“I was lonely,” he shrugged, making Zepheera’s perch shift back and forth slightly.

She regarded the Doctor in contemplation, but after a moment of staring at those big brown puppy-dog eyes her shoulders slumped in defeat. Gathering her work, she slid off the small pillow that she would never ever admit was actually quite comfortable, and made her way up his chest toward his shoulder. 

“One of these days, you’re gonna run out of trump cards,” she informed him, pointing an accusing finger at the Doctor’s stupid grin.

New Zepheera-Vision every Saturday! Hope you enjoyed!


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