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So if The Doctor has pockets that are bigger on the inside, has Zepheera ever gotten lost in them? If she has, did she find anything cool inside?

She’d have a rough time navigating them, that’s for sure!

Personally, I don’t think the Doctor’s pockets are massively expansive on the inside, just big enough that he can fit way more than he’d normally be able to and not be bogged down. Still, that’s a lot of space for someone who’s only four and a half inches tall.

Zepheera would definitely be miffed to be pocketed, not to mention the significantly bigger drop than she expected. She’d rifle around trying to find a way to get back to the top, and probably find some cool stuff along the way.

She will demand they figure out a way for her to be able to hide in the pocket without having to fall all the way in and not be able to find her own way out.


OC Question meme

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36 Orrick & 44 Stan

From this list of not-so-nice OC Questions. I’m still taking these if you’re curious about my OC’s deep dark secrets!

Orrick [x] [x]

36. Are they in control of their emotions, or are their emotions in control of them?

He’s in control of his emotions. He’s a very down-to-earth person, and is very open with his feelings, but he is also in a good mental place and his emotions hardly ever get the better of him.

Stan Baker [x]

44. What’s one thing they wish they could do more often, but can’t?

Stan would love a vacation. As much as he loves his work, it’s a near-constant cycle of near-death experiences. If he could take a few weeks off and go abroad with Nathan, they would have the time of their lives. Backpacking in Peru, hitting up one of the Disney parks, maybe even visit Hobbiton in New Zealand. Some time to relax is hardly ever an option for him, alas.

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OC Question meme

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13 & 15 for Zephera

From this list of not-so-nice OC Questions. Still taking these if you’re curious about my OC’s deep dark secrets

Zepheera [x] [x]

13. Which of the 7 Deadly Sins best describes them?

I’d have to say lust, but not in the usual sense. She doesn’t lust after people or things necessarily, but she has a deep wanderlust that, until she meets the Doctor in BTaS, she can’t quite satiate on her own.

15. Who do they hate the most?

Her mother treated her horribly as a child. For years she was abused and watched her younger sibling being treated like an angel and handled with kid gloves.  She never resented her brother for it, but she certainly resents he mother even after so many years.

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OC Question meme

From this list of OC questions

48. What were their parents like? How has that affected how they are as an adult?

Zepheera’s parents, Tack and Klerida, were a young, loving borrower couple with a happy and healthy baby girl. Klerida was headstrong and set in her ways, determined to have the perfect family. On the other hand, Tack was agreeable yet ambitious. After the birth of his daughter, he knew he wanted the best for her. He had loads of plans for teaching her how to borrow when she got older, and even started learning how to read from the human children’s books (in 1927, it was common for borrowers to go their whole lives without learning how to read or write).

Then when Zepheera was a year old, her father died in her nursery in a terrible calamity, the source of which could be traced back to Zepheera herself. With Tack’s death, something broke inside Klerida and was lost forever. She became very hateful toward Zepheera, taking advantage of the child’s healing factor to physically abuse her. This shifted more toward mental abuse when Klerida remarried and had another child named Kernel.

By then, Zepheera was old enough to spend more of her time with her father’s brother, Boston. He was kind to her, taught her everything he knew

Zepheera ran away from home at age 17 and soon thereafter ceased to age. She’s had decades to separate herself from her childhood and move on with her life, but one thing lingers from those days that will not leave easily: Zepheera is terrified of becoming a parent, almost deathly so. The last thing she wants is to somehow end up like her mother.

This fear blinds her to the fact that she’s actually great with kids, very protective and no-nonsense yet fun-loving and encouraging.

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Commissioned Art


Commission for @borrowedtimeandspace of her characters Zepheera and Quaxo. I adore their outfits, they were such fun to draw. ^^

Only one day left for the Flash Sale! Get yours before it’s too late!

Look at my sons!

Edit: This is a sneak peek of a fantasy-style story I have planned further along the line in BTaS, in which Zepheera not only gets a new outfit, but she also gets a companion of her own!

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do you think you’ll make “rescued from scientists au” the new canon what with how much you’ve been drawing on it?

No, I don’t plan on replacing my existing canon with the ‘rescued from scientists’ version of their meeting. I do really like it and I’m happy with how it’s been going, so I’m making official DonnaAU canon.

As much as I love this AU I’ve been building, I stand by my original story as well. Hope that clears things up ^^

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