OC Question meme

anonymous asked:

13 & 15 for Zephera

From this list of not-so-nice OC Questions. Still taking these if you’re curious about my OC’s deep dark secrets

Zepheera [x] [x]

13. Which of the 7 Deadly Sins best describes them?

I’d have to say lust, but not in the usual sense. She doesn’t lust after people or things necessarily, but she has a deep wanderlust that, until she meets the Doctor in BTaS, she can’t quite satiate on her own.

15. Who do they hate the most?

Her mother treated her horribly as a child. For years she was abused and watched her younger sibling being treated like an angel and handled with kid gloves.  She never resented her brother for it, but she certainly resents he mother even after so many years.

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