8 facts about Stan Baker

@nightmares06 tagged me forever and ever ago, and I ought to be putting content on this here blog of mine ^^; So here we go!

Post these rules.
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1. Stan (full name: Stanley Aaron Baker) is a pseudo-freelance agent who works alongside John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and Sam and Dean Winchester in Brothers Consulted, my collab with nightmares06.

2. His character took us both by surprise. He was initially just going to be some suit to get the boys from A to B, but his personality shone out of nowhere and now he’s here to stay!

3. He is 27 years old and 6′ even, the closest in age to Dean out of the Baker Street crew.

4. Against the odds, he and Dean Winchester hit it off when they first meet, immediately developing an easygoing yet playful rapport that puts them both at ease when interacting with someone so different in size.

5. Stan is Irish by descent, but he was born and raised in London. He and his family in Ireland are close, so occasionally a bit of the accent will slip into his speech when he’s not thinking about it.

6. Much of Stan’s family served in the military. He grew up formally and informally training in combat with his elders, even his older brothers, but never served himself. Even so, he is a natural born leader and he carries a militaristic air when he’s on a job that requires those skills.

7. Though he keeps it a secret from the more conservative members of his family, Stan is engaged to his long-term partner. His fiancee’s name is Nathan Sullivan, and though he is a civilian, Stan keeps him up to speed on the less confidential aspects of his work. He knows Nathan would never betray him.

8. Stan and Nathan own a German shepherd. Her name is Juno and she sheds a lot and they love her. 


Commission by the fabulous @ghostquack

I tag @neonthewrite for Jiria, and anyone else who sees this and wants to do this can go right ahead! This was fun!

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