Life Update

I FINALLY graduated college!

I’m settling into adult life now, but I’m hopeful that writing and content creating  can resume without such huge hiatuses like these past four years.

Tomorrow I’ll be belatedly posting a few of those generated shitposts from April Fool’s day (I saved a bunch of the funny ones with the intention to post them and then whoops never did) and this week I’ll answer a few asks that came in ages ago. Wish me luck on the writing!

Thanks to everyone for your patience with me these last four years! I’m free!!!

Zepheera! (I don’t know the others Dx )


(That’s fine, I was just spouting off a bunch of my secondary characters ^^)

Full Name: Just Zepheera.
Gender and Sexuality: Female, demisexual and biromantic
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Ethnicity/Species: Biracial / borrower
Birthplace and Birthdate: London, England; February 8th, 1927.
Guilty Pleasures: Dancing and Noel Coward
Phobias: Cats. Bad experiences…
What They Would Be Famous For: Probably her longevity and how much she can accomplish with her long life.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Idk how she’d ever get arrested, but I’d say probably for alleged thievery or civil disobedience.
OC You Ship Them With: His name’s Orrick, another borrower of course. He’s adorable. If only I could just let them be happy ;^;
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: I don’t think I have one yet. >.>
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Fantasy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Romance and horror.
Talents and/or Powers: She’s a great borrower, a master at hiding, sneaking, and general intrusion and espionage / Healing factor and augmented lifespan.
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is caring and passionate, with an occasionally motherly personality.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She can be pretty closed off about herself to strangers, so I suppose that could come off as cold.
How They Change: She learns that she doesn’t have to settle. She can make her own destiny and live the life she wants.
Why You Love Them: She is my smol child, and yet I want to grow up to be her x3

Would you catch a borrower if you saw one, let them go, or try to get them talking?

Hmm. Not gonna lie, pretty much every time I’m alone in my dorm and something moves or falls over, I usually form a quick plan for what I’d do if it were caused by a borrower. Ideally, I’d want to befriend the little person, or at least talk to them, but if it seemed that they were just too scared of me I wouldn’t make them stay against their will.


Day 2 of C2E2 was both exciting and exhausting, but I’m so glad to have been able to go and I can’t wait for today!

Fun story about the Tenth Doctor cosplayer: I actually saw him on the street while I was waiting for my friends and a bus to get there. I was huddled in the lobby of a nearby hotel, sheltering from the cold, and I look outside and there’s a dude dressed as the freaking Tenth Doctor! True to his character, he ran off down Michigan Ave. toward the convention immediately. I was determined to find him once we all got there, he was the best Ten I’d seen so far and I was NOT going to pass up a picture. Two minutes after we arrived and I made a Snapchat video explaining why I needed to find him, he shows up behind us having /run the whole two miles/ and still acting in character, looking around in the most David Tennant-like fashion imaginable. We stopped him immediately and got the picture.

And of course I got to meet Hillywood again! They were amazing as usual, and let me hug them after we got the picture. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done all weekend if not for these girls, they were the highlight of my weekend (probably my whole year, but it’s still early XD)

[My Chell cosplay ^-^]


C2E2 Day 1 was AMAZING! There were so many great cosplayers, and I got to meet the two amazing women behind @thehillywoodshow! Can’t wait to go back, meet some more nerds and buy some more things!

[Sorry I’ve been a little inactive this weekend, but as you can see there’s good reason for it ^-^ This was my Rey cosplay for day 1 of C2E2!]

So…guess who’s been binge-watching Jessica Jones…

And guess whose brain has been popping out plot bunnies for hours, too.


minor JJ spoilers under the cut

  • the Doctor and Zepheera landing in New York (probably to see a Broadway show or something nice and relaxing) but they run into Jessica or someone else who knows Kilgrave
  • the Doctor being confused for Kilgrave in any way, and then he has to be a part of some plot to lure him out of hiding (kinda like that one time in Classic Who, with Two and Salamander)
  • Jess whaling on the Doctor thinking he’s Kilgrave before realizing he’s not him and whisking him away, leaving Zepheera behind wherever Jess knocked the Doctor over
  • just Jess and Zepheera interacting in general makes me giggle morbidly

Or worse…

  • the Doctor needs to become human again for whatever reason, but something goes wrong while his biology is being rewritten, giving him mind control and a false history he believes shaped him into a psychotic sociopath
  • the ‘Kilgrave’ version of the Doctor doing what Kilgrave does while Zepheera watches helplessly from a safe distance
  • Zepheera following Kilgrave and Jessica and Reva as he makes Jessica dig up a strong box that contains a little yellow flash drive and an old fob watch
  • Zepheera approaching him after the bus crash, trying to get to the pocket watch when in a daze Kilgrave declares that she’s not real and orders her to go away
  • Zepheera finding Jessica after months of searching, only to become what Jess believes is an alcohol-induced hallucination

I need sleep…