Zepheera-Vision Update

This week’s Zepheera-Vision has a bunch of things going on that are new to the format.

1. It’s the first ZV set in a previously existing episode of Doctor Who.

2. It’s also the first to imply that Zepheera is a companion at the same time as the one in that episode/series.

3. This is a feelsy story, broken up into four parts due to length. So rather than keep you all in suspension, this ZV will update every other day starting on Saturday.

Hope this clears up any confusion that would have arisen if I’d just done what I wanted without telling y’all. (Also, if anyone can guess the mystery episode and companion before today ends, perhaps you’ll earn a lil sneak peek uwu)

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woah I’m invested in this story now, what’s goin on with them cats?

In reference to this post

Honestly, it didn’t start off as anything that dramatic or angsty. There were a bunch of GIFs of David Tennant/the Tenth Doctor with cats, and a little streak of cute Zepheera-Visions came to mind. But that last part turned out much longer than I thought it would be when I started writing it, and I had no idea it would dive so deeply into Zepheera’s attitude toward the felines. It just happened, and looking back I don’t know where else this could have possibly gone.

As for the cats themselves, I assume they’re some alien race of psychic or telepathic cats who lure the Doctor into this bizarre state, and for whatever reason don’t affect Zepheera the same way. As of right now, this is the last appearance they’ll make, but who knows? Maybe in the future I will be motivated (or prompted) to write more about these felonious felines!